Meet your Africa Adventure


Someone said once, that a journey of 1000 (of) miles begins with only one step. We know, that this first step is often the most dificult one, but we advise you to do this one step. Because our journey on the bike will guide you through the most exciting continents of our earth: Into the colourful and beautiful Africa.

A varied country of deserts, mountains, rainforests and savannas with a stunning diversity of animals. But also with friendly and cheerful people of differnet cultures, which are still ingrained in their traditions.


You will experience Africa with all your senses. No day will be like the other day, with impressions you will not forget in your life.


Experience the deserts of Egypt and of the Sudan with MACHANGAS. Explore the highlands of Ethiopia and the spectacular herds in the Savannas of Tanzania. Visit the gorillas in the rainforest of Uganda and do not miss the speciose Okavango Delta with it unique marsh(s)/marshland. But the vastness of Nambidia and the wild coast of South Africa are (some) Highlights of our journey. Furthermore Africa offers you beautiful beaches with flaming red sunsets.



We want to share all these things with you. Our bike- and trucktours will guide you through one or more countries in Africa. You can drive with your own motorbike or you can accompany our tour as a non-biker in the truck.

It does not matter how you attend the journey, the friendly coorperation and the direct contact to (the) nature make our journey’s unforgettable.

Of course we set a high value on safety. Our Guides are technical and experienced skilled staff, which are familiar with the country and the people.

The reliable backup-truck, which accompany the tour, will carry the luggage, spare parts and tools.






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